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The Guidelines and Selection Criterion of the Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame state:
  1. Hall of Fame. Person(s) who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics, either individually or by virtue of their performance on athletic teams representing their High School, College, University, or professional team; OR by meritorious contribution on behalf of national athletics are eligible for election into the Hall of Fame; AND whose record reflects credit to the person and community.
    • Person(s) become eligible five (5) years after the date he/she no longer is participating or active in either their individual or team sport.
    • OR reaches the age of 55 years and is no longer active in their sport.
    • OR is added to the ballot by a 75% vote of the board of directors
  2. Distinguished Service Award. An individual who has made a major contribution to the area of athletics. Even though this individual may have been a former athlete, their major contribution shall be in a supportive role.
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