History of the Snurfer
Snurfing 1979
Winner of the newly created Open Division, Jake Burton Carpenter, poses with his non-regulation "Burton Boards" manufactured in
Londonderry, VT.
January 30, 1979 - Bay Window Collegiate
A different bread of sport - Snurfing
January 28, 1979 - Muskegon Chronicle
A promotional poster for the 1979 competition.
In 1979, Labatt's brewery released a commercial focused on snurfing. Featuring  Paul Graves, Mark Halseth, and Mark's wife, Jane, the commercial aired only in Canada

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An ad from the pages of Rolling Stone

The first edition of Snurfing News.  Printed by the National Snurfing Association, this issue covers the 1979 Snurfing Nationals in Muskegon. According to a photo caption, Paul Graves, "premier Snurfing expert from Cheshire, CT...delighted the crowd by doing a full 360 turn while Snurfing downhill.

A photo in the issue states "Members of the film crew suit up far a day of shooting.  Shots of the National Championship will appear in both the 1979 Snurfer T.V. commercial and a six minute Snurfing movie."
Promo video, filmed at what appears to be the 1979 National Championships. 

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Thanks Roger Pozeznik
Thanks Mark Halseth for preserving this issue! 
Issue No 2 of Snurfing News carried the news that the Snurfer would soon make a national television appearance on NBC's Today Show in a "What's New" segment.

"NBC Sports is also reviewing some Snurfing film.  The sport is now attracting international attention, and we feel it is only a matter of time until a major television network covers a Snurfing competition."

The December 1979 issue of Snurfer News.  This was Volume 1, No 3.  Note the Snurfing Events Calendar, reproduced below.
The calendar shows events scheduled for Marion, VA, Steamboat Springs, CO, Mt. Hood, OR, Jackson Hole, WY, Squaw Valley, CA and, of course, the 14th Annual National Snurfing Championships in Muskegon, MI.
1979 - Detroit Free Press
Muskegon, Michigan - The Birthplace of Snowboarding
History of the Snurfer and the Snowboard
An Online Exhibit
1965 - Sherm Poppen and the birth of Snowboarding
1966 - A Ride That Could Become The Nation's Newest Outdoor Craze
1967 - How Bobby Became King of the Snow
1968 - Ted Slater and Sally Waite win first 'World' Snurfing Champions
1969 - Second Annual Snurfing Championships
1970 - Snurfing Test Attracts 600 to Muskegon State Park
1971 - Brunswick advertising - The Snurfing Bug
1972 - Snow Flake Snurfing Contest
1973 - Snurfer is here!
1974 - Snurf's Up - The Word Spreads
1975 - Snurfing Goes National
1976 - Winter Wonderland
1977 - Winter Blast to Start Semester
1978 - The Great Blizzard of 1978
1979 - Jake comes to town
1980 - Championships leave Muskegon and gain national exposure
1981 - Snurfin' U.S.A. - 15 years later.
1982 - Snow Surfing Championships expand with event in Woodstock, Vt.
1983 - Weather cancels National Snurfing Championships at Pando
1984 - Novak crowned National Champion
1985 - The end of the National Snurfing Championships
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